How to Paint a Character in 6 Steps – Illustration in Clip Studio (Tutorial Guide)

In this video I will show you how to Paint ANY character illustration in Only 6 Steps from start to finish.

Manu explains how light works and the importance of lighting in your illustrations. Also, how to use any color of light when painting, and his step-by-step process to paint anything you want.

We will look at Characters. We’ll look at digital painting. We’ll look at 3D Backgrounds in CSP. We’ll look at Clip Studio Paint and I’ll give you the key to success when approaching any art piece.
Painting with Light. Lighting is always the answer.

Clip Studio TIPS:

3D Street model by Stephany Jablonofsky:
Original model

Software used:
Clip Studio Paint EX


00:00 Intro
00:10 Light – How does it work?
01:30 Values
02:07 Step 1 – Local Colors (Color Flats)
03:28 My Light Source
04:31 Step 2 – Color Integration
06:34 Step 3 – Highlights
08:00 Adjusting Base Colors
08:17 Step 4 – Shadows
10:21 Step 5 – Material Rendering (Details)
11:12 Step 6 – Post-Production
11:35 Timelapse Function
12:13 Background
13:53 The Key to Success when Painting
14:33 Outro

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