How to MORPH in After Effects like Michael Jackson

How to MORPH in After Effects – Easy Tutorial


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Find your way through this tutorials with those handy chapters:

0:00​ Intro
00:55​ Setting up the shots
06:00 The Liquify Tool
10:10​ Create the morph / warp & blend
16:42​ The Morph Cut in Premier
20:55 Creat a Hair Asset in Premiere
21:55 Final Compositing steps

Morphing in After Effects 2021
Create a morph effect in After Effects – Tutoria
Morphing with adobe after effects 2021

In this tutorial by flomotion, you will learn how to create an awesome morph within after effects with no third party plugins.

Learn all about this famous VFX visual effects technique:

I am going to show you the whole process from beginning to end, for beginners and professionals. Learn how to shoot your videos and how to prepare them in Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Learn how to use the Find Edges effect for a faster and more easy workflow!!

After that I am going to show you the principle of a morph and how to get the look of Michael Jackson’s “Black or White”. Learn a method that combines warping as well as blending with mesh warp, the liquefy tool and transparency / opacity as well as some helpful features like the edge detect or find edges effect.

A a special bonus I am going to show you the mesh cut effect in Premiere and how to use it to create separate assets for you perfect morph / morphing clip.

No green screen needed. No special software or plugin needed and you can even shoot the footage with your smartphone!

In Premiere I will also show you how to use the morph cut for interviews and talking head videos.

There will be two special sections within this easy to follow tutorial:

1. the Liquify Tool: in an easy example I am going to show you all you need to know about this effect. how to set it up, how to keyframe it and how to best choose the different tools for shots like retouching or re shaping

2. the Morph Cut in Premiere Pro:
You will learn how to use this technique to hide cuts in your Premier Pro timeline and how to adjust the shots as well as the transition effect

As always, if you have any questions about this tutorial, technique or any other question; leave me a comment down below and I promise I will answer all of your questions!

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