[How To] Make Sprite Sheets in Photoshop || EmiiCreations

A quick ‘How-To’ video showing how to make sprite sheets in Photoshop.
Partner video for animating in Photoshop: https://youtu.be/Dxkae7k8Vms

(This is a re-recording of another video but this time with better audio)


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Hello! My name is Emily and I own a own business, Emii Creations, selling and designing merchandise and art for sale. My retail business started in 2018 and I mainly go to conventions, local shows, sell online, and sell wholesale to retails stores all over the country. I also have a small consignment partner in Taiwan in case you see my stuff there!

Before Emii Creations I worked in the gaming/vfx industry for companies like Riot Games and Luma Pictures as a Pipeline TD/TA (lots of coding). You can find my credits on movies like Captain America: Civil War, Antman, and Dr. Strange. Although the VFX/Gaming world was so much fun, my dream has always been converting my side hustle into my full time job and I’m so happy it’s working out!

Feel free to come and join my journey investing and growing my business, myself, and my new channel!

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Duration: 00:07:09