How to make Platinum Text Effect using Adobe Photoshop tutorial

1. In this tutorial, I want to present to you, how can you create platinum text effect using adobe Photoshop like this.

2. Open the Adobe Photoshop. Here, I have used Adobe Photoshop CS6.

3. Create a new window and set this file name “Platinum text effect” which width is 2000px, height 1000px.

4. Set the foreground color black and change the layer background color black.

5. Type the text using Horizontal type tools and set the font family “Nasalization” and font size 500 pt and font color white.

6. Placed the text into a suitable position and scale the text that you like best.

7. Right click on the text layer and “Select Pixel” and copy the text pixel.

8. Create a new layer and paste the text pixel. If you disable the other layer then you can see the text pixel.

9. Now go to filter, blur, Gaussian Blur and change the radial 225

10. Right click on the text thumnile and select Blending options.

11. select Bevel and Emboss. Style “Inner Bevel”, Techniques “Chisel Hard”, Depth 378, Direction Up, Size 43, Soften 0, Gloss Contour Ring Double, Check Anti-aliased, Highlight Mode Screen, Opacity 100%, Shadow Mode Multiply, Opacity 50%.

12. Select and checked “Gradient Overlay”. Blend mode normal, Opacity 100%, Select Gradiant color and set color white in position 0% and color #5E5E5E in position 100%, Style Reflected.

13. Select and Checked “Drop Shadow”. Blend Mode “Multiply”, color #231F20, Opacity 75%, Distance 28, Spread 10, Size 40.

14. After done this click ok. Congratulation you have done to create platinum text effect. but wait, some works are still need to finished.

15. Set foreground color white. Create a new layer.

16. Select brush tool and select a brush to create spark for the text. and set the brush size is 100px.

17. set the spark on the text to be realistic as a shiny platinum effect.

18. you can save this Photoshop file for the next time usage purposes.

19. you can save this text effect as an image, just selecting file, save for web.

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