How To Make PICTURE in PICTURE effect // Premiere Pro CC Tutorial // EASY

How To make a PICTURE in PICTURE effect with a Border and Animations in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021.

A Picture in Picture or FaceCam effect is obviously used when you want to show multiple video clips on the screen at the same time, whether you’re explaining something, or making gaming videos, or doing the news. To start the tutorial, I will show you how to make a basic Picture in Picture effect by using scale position and crop, then I will show you how to have your PIP Slide in or Pop in with Key Frame animations, and I will end with how to add a border, crop your PIP, add a drop shadow, and add a swivel or tilt effect as well.

How To Make PICTURE in PICTURE or FaceCam // Premiere Pro CC Tutorial // EASY. I used the Rick and Morty in Fortnite image because the minecraft game footage just didn’t look good for the thumbnail.

0:00 – Start
0:17 – Basic Picture in Picture
0:57 – Crop PIP
1:21 – Slide in Animation
2:46 – Pop in Animation
4:03 – PIP with Border
6:42 – Crop PIP with Border
7:29 – Add Swivel Effect
8:10 – Add Drop Shadow

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Main Camera (Panasonic G9): ​
Wide Lens (Sigma 16mm):
Portrait Lens (Sigma 30mm):
Camera Shotgun Mic (Sennheiser MKE600):
USB Desktop Mic (Blue Yeti):
Second Camera (Panasonic G85):


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