How To make Parallax 3D Photo Animation Effect in Premiere Pro & Photoshop (Tutorial)

Working with 2D still photos can be a dread from time to time, when there is no real motion. in this Easy tutorial i will show you how to make parallax 3d photo animation effect in premiere pro and Photoshop.

This technique is very easy to use in making our photo come to life. I am confident you will learn a lot from this Tutorial.

we use this in converting still 2D photos into parallax 2.5D (fake 3D) thereby bringing life to still and boring photo, Add more depth and drama to photos by making parts of the image move in opposite or different directions using keyframes. (scale and position properties) to create subtle a captivating yet animation effects to your stills.

so no more boring photos in video.

This can be made entirely in premiere pro without Photoshop.

see how i Turn a Photo into a Moving 2.5D (fake 3D Image) entirely in Adobe premiere


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Duration: 00:04:13