How to make Instagram story video promotion in Premier Pro

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This video basically how to make Instagram story or Youtube shorts format videos in premier pro.

The piece of the sequence is from the recent music video i have been working on which will be released soon and obviously i will be making video on how i edited that video.

Final Song Antidot Freestyle Whoopty link :

First Promo Video link:

Second promo video Link:–Iyk7IoX32aSpfAWSW8xv/view?usp=sharing

Time Stamp
00:00 Intro
01:27 How to change the video dimension in premier pro?
02:15 How to import video in Premier pro.
02:29 How to import landscape video in portrait timeline
02:58 How to change the video scale and position in premier pro.
03:54 How to cut videos in premier pro
04:56 How to duplicate footage in premier pro(Hold alt key and drag footage)
05:30 How make blur video in premier pro
06:05 How to add graphic text in premier pro
06:50 How to edit graphic template in premier pro
09:16 How to make music video teaser/promotional video
11:30 How to divide screen in premier pro
13:55 How to gradually decrease opacity in premier pro
15:25 How to make videos slow motion in premier pro
16:55 How to reverse play video in premier pro
20:00 Export setting for Instagram story videos formats.
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