How to make glitch text effect in photoshop? | FREE PSD download | PixelWorks | S1E1

Hi peeps, In this video, you will be learning how to make the glitch effect in photoshop. It is very easy to make the glitch effect in photoshop. Learn how to make it in this video and enjoy quarantine. 🙂

Here are the few steps on how to make the glitch effect in photoshop:

1) Create a text and convert it to a smart object.
2) Duplicate the smart object thrice and open it’s blending option of the top layer. Uncheck green channel and a blue channel.
3) Do the same to the other two layers by checking the green channel and blue channel respectively.
4) Move the red and blue channel 1 pxl away. This is how you can attain a glitch effect in photoshop
5) Open the smart object and replace the text. Experiment with different glitch effects in photoshop.
This is how to make the glitch effect in photoshop 🙂
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Hope this glitch effect tutorial helps. Thank you for watching 🙂

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You can download this glitch effect photoshop file using the below drive link


Duration: 00:01:43