How to Make an Image Wrap in Photoshop | Adobe Creative Cloud

Apply a 2D image to a 3D product mockup.

Start from scratch, or download practice files [] for a head start. Steps below.

Prep your files:

1. Open the practice file in Photoshop, or use your own.
2. Choose Flatten Image from the flyout menu on the Layers panel.
3. Choose 3D – New Mesh From Layer – Mesh Preset – Soda.

Stage your product:

1. From the 3D panel (Window – 3D), set the scene to Current View, then drag in different directions to change your view of the can within the space.
2. Click on the can to show the 3D axis.
3. Drag the center of the cube to scale the can.
4. Hover over the red y-axis marker until the yellow circle appears.
5. Drag to rotate the can for better positioning.
6. Drag the conical tip on an axis point to move the can within the space.

Apply a realistic material:

1. Select Label_Material under the Soda category in the 3D panel and adjust the Properties.

Tip: We set Glow to 9% and Metallic to 16%.

2. Select Infinite Light from the 3D panel and move the knob to change the direction of the light.
3. Clicked Render when finished.

That’s it!

To learn more, check out our Companion Tutorial:



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