How to make a YouTube Banner in photoshop? (YouTube Channel Art Tutorial)

Learn how to make your own youtube channel art in #photoshop easily. #youtubebanner tutorial ❤️

Download Youtube Banner Photoshop Document File:

Some of your Frequently Asked Question’s Answers below:

Why i didn’t gave colour to the TV screen area❓
– Yeah you can give colour to the TV area too, i didn’t because i forgot. Lol 😁

There is a website where i can make the youtube channel art to save time, so why i didn’t show that site❓
– There is a website, yes that i know can make youtube banner in just 5-10 minutes but many guys like to play with their art. You can’t actually make as same as your imagination. So for that you should know the whole concept to make something as you want. It’ll take 5-10 minutes for those templates they offer, not for the one you wanna make. But if any of you guys wanna be quick, go look at it. Website name is Snappa. It’s pretty nice and simple.


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