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Add movement to your static photos. Featured Artist: Aaron Bernstein. Check out more of his work here:

Start from scratch, or download practice files [] for a head start. Steps below.

Build the layers:

1. Open the practice file and click the popcorn layer (Window – Layers).
2. Click Add layer mask from the bottom of the Layers panel.
3. Select the layer mask and use Control+I (Windows), or Control+I (macOS) to invert the mask.
4. With the layer mask selected, choose the Brush (B) tool, and set the color to white.
5. Paint to reveal the first piece of popcorn.
6. Duplicate the layer where the first popcorn kernel was revealed – Control+J (Windows), Command+J (macOS).
7. Select the mask on the new layer. Paint with a white brush to reveal more popcorn.
8. Repeat steps 3-7 until you have a lot of layers and all of the popcorn from the layer below is visible.

Create the animation:

1. Click Create Frame Animation from the Timeline (Window – Timeline).
2. Choose Make Frames From Layers from the Timeline.
3. Toggle the visibility (click the eye icon) of the kernels layer off and on to make it visible on all of the frames of the animation.
4. Work in the Timeline to create the looping animation. Choose Select All Frames, then Copy Frames, and Paste Frames. Click OK.
5. Finally, choose Reverse Frames so the popcorn will appear to pop and unpop.
6. Click Play in the Timeline to preview the animation.
7. Choose File – Save for Web to save the looping animated GIF.

That’s it!

To learn, more visit our Photoshop Tutorials page:



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