How to make a Perspective grid in photoshop tutorial

How to make an easy perspective tool in Photoshop using the Polygon tool. This can be used for one points perspective, 2 point perspective etc… Once you have created the tool, simply click and drag where you want your vanishing point to be, to be left with some easy to use guidelines! I do this on a separate layer so that can hide these / delete them easily enough without them marking your work.

You will also notice I expand the canvas to place the vanishing points for 2 point perspective, before then cropping the canvas back down. What I meant to explain better in the video, is that once you crop it down, you will have a harder time finding or editing your vanishing points, so make sure you are happy with them before you crop them, or just don’t crop them until you are finished 🙂

UPDATE: Someone mentioned in the comments below that in the newer versions of Photoshop 2020 / 2021 the UI for creating a star has changed a bit. Now the star ratio has to be 1% not 99%.

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Duration: 00:04:18