How to Make a Mobile Device Mockup in Adobe Photoshop CC Using Stock Assets | Adobe Creative Cloud

Learn how to use a product placement image from Adobe Stock to craft a narrative for your brand and skip the time and expense of staging a photo shoot.

Start from scratch, or download practice files ( for a head start. Steps below.

1. Search Adobe Stock for a mockup image (e.g., “phone mockup”) from the Libraries panel in Photoshop (Window – Libraries).
Optional: Use “blank-phone.jpg” from our practice files.
2. Hover over the image you’d like to use and click the shopping cart icon to license it.
Optional: You can also click the cloud icon to preview with a watermark before you buy it.
3. Double-click the image from your library to open it.
4. Choose File – Place Linked and add “app-layout.png” to the mockup.
5. Hold shift and drag a corner of the image to scale it proportionally. Drag from the center to reposition it closer to the phone screen.
6. Choose Edit – Transform – Distort, grab a corner of the layout image, and drag it to match the phone screen to get your app image in perspective. Repeat for each corner, then press (Return or Enter) to commit the changes.
7. In the Layers panel, click the Effects icon and choose Bevel & Emboss. Play with the settings to create a subtle interior shadow.
8. In the Layers panel, click the New Layer icon, then Option/Alt+click on the line between the new layer and the app-layout layer to create a clipping mask.
9. Choose the Gradient tool with the foreground to background setting in black and white to create highlights and shadows. Drag over the phone screen.
10. Set the gradient layer Blend Mode to “Overlay” and reduce its Opacity.
11. Choose File – Save As to save your image.

That’s it!

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