How to Make a Gold Text Effect in Photoshop | How to Create a 3D Gold Text Effect

In this tutorial, you will learn How to Create a Gold Effect in Photoshop.

We’ll be applying the gold effect to a text layer. Let’s duplicate the layer and go to Layer Styles – Gradient Overlay. Click on the default gradient preview bar. Change the color on the left by double clicking the left bottom picker. Set this to a bright pastel yellow color and click ok. Now double click the right bottom picker. Use a darker shade of yellow here similar to what we have and click ok. Now change the style to reflected.

Let’s enable Bevel and Emboss to get the actual gold look. Under technique choose Chisel hard. In shading, change gloss contour and double click on the same counter as we do. Set the angle to 120 degrees. To smooth jagged edges of, enable Anti-Aliasing. Let’s change both opacities below to 75%. This might give you a stroke effect. To fill in the empty flat color, play around with the size value. We’ll increase it till the letters are all filled in. Next let’s raise the depth to 170% to enhance the lighting effect and add more contrast.

There’s just one more layer style left to add before we can close the dialog. Let’s enable inner glow. Change the blend mode to Multiply and set the opacity to 50%. Change the color of the glow by clicking on the color preview square. Change it to something more orangey. Click ok. Let’s increase the size value now, till it fully covers the letters. Click ok.

That’s it! This is the basic structure behind gold effect for your text or any other layer shape. You can further tailor it to your needs to make it blend better with your image.

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