How to Make a Fitness Video | Workout Video Edit Tutorial Premiere Pro

Duration: 01:26:31

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Learn how to create a click-worthy edit for a fitness video on Adobe Premiere Pro! We’ll show you how to add countdown timers, overlays, transitions, and subtitles in this in-depth tutorial! Tune in with Cinematographer and Editor, Valentina Vee on Adobe Live for Tips & Tricks Tuesday.

Host Valentina is a Creative Content Director and Cinematographer/Editor based in Los Angeles:

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00:00 Start – Fitness video overview
05:03 Warm up video – previewing footage
07:21 Creating sequence bins for assembly
11:21 Unlinking audio and previewing footage – creating proxies
15:19 Editing for text inserts – ripple delete
17:38 Inserting cuts to mark time
19:56 Reframing – changing framing at the cuts
23:25 Adding markers to identify segments
27:30 Adding markers to a clip – aligning clips to match movements
31:16 Cropping to make all clips visible in frame
33:23 Adding text to the clips
36:18 Nesting clip and text – prepping for animation
39:05 Animating the nested clips – loop playback for preview
41:50 Editing the text in the nested clips – adding styles to text
45:15 Saving as a Production – sharing styles and assets
48:08 Adding text in one reusable graphic
52:06 Adding color to indicate current activity
56:05 Reusing the same list asset for the next activity
59:46 Adding a countdown timer – rate stretching to match footage length
1:06:20 Adding the 2 minute warmup text – creating a progress bar
1:1028 Creating template for the progress bar
1:12:30 Creating markers to mark the beat – rate stretching music to match
1:16:57 Maintain audio pitch for stretched audio
1:18:51 Editing in Audition – Remix to change target duration for music track
1:22:15 Matching first step to the beat using markers

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