How To Make A Cartoon/Vector Effect – Photoshop CS6 Tutorial, Ghanaian Musician Sarkodie

In this How To Make A Cartoon/Vector Effect (2018) – Photoshop CS6 Tutorial, Step By Step /Drawing Sarkodie video, I will show you how to make a cartoon yourself step by step in photoshop.

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The pen tool was the most used tool, if you don’t know how to use the pen tool, don’t worry this video is detailed to cover all those aspects.

Why do you should watch
– This video is a step by step tutorial (Thus, not a speed art cartoon drawing with loud background music).
– A voice is added to guide you and it’s in English, plain English for that matter.
– This video is a full video (Thus it is a full tutorial, not a watch and continue tutorial with every aspect you see in the thumbnail, well explained to the end.
– I understand the video is quite long but that’s for the betterment and for you watching to understand it very clearly.

Sarkodie, a popular Ghanaian Artist/Musician/Celebrity was used in this tutorial, this particular cartoon is dedicated to him and his fans (Sark Nation) and to all celebrities in Ghana. The love for you is deep.

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Duration: 00:28:00