How to make a Backrooms Animation for FREE – Blender Tutorial

Want to make a quick and easy Backrooms Animation? Here’s a detailed rundown on how I built the structure and camera for my latest Backrooms animation.

Kane Pixels (Inspiration):
The original camera movement tutorial:


– When exporting the .hfcs and .py files, you can email yourself the files using Gmail and download them onto your computer from there (People have had problems with other email services).
– When you click import on the Hitfilm tracker data, navigate to your .hfcs file and click on that, that’s what will bring the camera into the scene.


Q: “How do you make an entity or a monster?”
A: Artificial Light has a great tutorial on that, start at 4:07:

Q: “Why aren’t colors/textures showing up on my objects?”
A: Check the top right of the “modeling” tab in Blender, where there’s a row of circles. Make sure you have one of the two rightmost circles selected. Your colors should now show up!

Q: “How did you get the .py and .hfcs files from the iPhone to your computer?”
A: In the folder with the .hfcs and .py files, tap the three dots on the top right. Tap Select, then tap the .py file. Tap the Share button at the bottom left, then email the file to yourself. Open the email on your computer and download the file. Repeat for the .hfcs file!

Q: “Why is it taking so long to render each frame?”
A: My Backrooms animations have taken anywhere from 1-5 minutes per frame to render. If it’s taking 10+ minutes, you should make sure that you’re using your CPU to render–and that your Max Render Samples is set to 100 or less–so that you can render in less time!

Q: “Is there a version of CamTrackAR for Android users?
A: Yes, the app is called “blendartrack.” It’s free and is very similiar to CamTrackAR.

Q: “Why does the camera snap back into its original position after I move it?”
A: Make sure you parent the camera to an empty and edit the empty as opposed to a camera. Select the camera, then select the empty, then type Ctrl + P, then click Object. That way every keyframe is being edited at once!

Q: “Where did you get the wall texture? Can I download it?”
A: I used the original Backrooms picture and someone’s rendition of the wallpaper as a cited source:
Unfortunately, I’m not set up right now to share downloadable files, but experiment with some patterns and see what works!

0:00 – Intro
0:32 – Building the Backrooms
2:27 – Backrooms Wall Texture
4:39 – Duplicating Backrooms Walls
5:26 – Building the Ceiling
12:14 – Making Realistic, Handheld Camera Movement
16:29 – Backrooms Render Settings
19:14 – Final Shot
19:29 – Outro

Duration: 00:20:20