How to make a 3D text with the shatter effect using adobe after affects cs5 *voice tutorial*

1. Get a image from your camera or computer
2. open up adobe after effects cs5
3. Go to composition on the top bar then click new composition and use theses settings go to preset and click the one that says HDV/HDTV 720 29.97 then make the duration whatever you want then click ok.
4. Now go to file at the top then go to insert then file and open your image, then when u open it look to the left it should be there. Click and drag it to the middle of the screen.
5.Then click layer at the top and click new then click text now put whatever you want DO NOT MAKE IT BIG!!!!! or it won’t fit when u do the 3D part.
6. Now when you’re done making your text go to the bottom left and it should show your image and your text go to the image, and to the left of the image should be 2 boxes click the one to the left then go 2 the top and click window and then click effects and presets, once you have don that look to the right it should have a search bar with effects under it. Go to the search bar and type “Shatter”.
7.Now look under where you typed that and it should say shatter click and drag it to the middle of the screen.
8.Then blue lines should appear with bricks in the back, and a new window should appear.
9. Go to shape onto the new window and change bricks to custom and then look right below it should say none change that to your text then go down on the new window and click lighting change it to whatever u want then exit out of the new window
10. Then your text should be there, now go to the right and click play and your text should shatter SLOWYLY now when its done shattering click play again then drag the yellow marker to the beginning and click play it should be normal now. Then hit play again to stop it. CCCCCCCCCCCOOOONNNNNNNGGGRRRRRRRSSSSSTTTTTS your done comment like subscribe

Duration: 00:04:39