How to Make a 3D Lightsaber in Adobe Dimension

How to make a 3D Lightsaber using Adobe Dimension. In this Adobe Dimension tutorial, I’ll show you how to make Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber from Return of the Jedi, using only basic shapes that are already in Dimension. This is a long tutorial. I want to show you the process I took to go from concept to finished product. There are a lot of tips and tricks and nuance along the way, so stick around for the full tutorial. I’ll also show you how I use pre-existing textures to shade the 3D lightsaber to save a ton of time. Stick around to the end for a bonus Photoshop enhancement!

Adobe Dimensions doesn’t have a great way to do glowing or particle effects yet, but if you render out the image a few different ways and bring those into Photoshop, you can easily get the look you are going after.

Placing Background Image: Beginning
Camera Settings: 1:06
Basic Shapes of the Lightsaber (Building the Hilt): 1:51
Adding Color and Textures: 24:10
First Render: 29:17
Lightsaber Blade Creation (Glowing Part): 30:15
Create a Background: 31:23
2nd Render with Blade: 33:58
Adding Glow in Photoshop: 34:09

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