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How to Justify text in Illustrator – Quick Video Tutorial
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In this Short Video Tutorial, we will show you how to justify text in Illustrator. This Tutorial is compatible with all Adobe Illustrator Programs like CC, CS3, CS5, CS6 etc.

In order to justify text in Illustrator, you have to launch the program. Go to the “File” menu and choose “New” to create a new blank document. In the appeared window set the document properties and press “OK”. Now implement the followng Steps :

1. Go to the toolbar of the program,choose the “Type Tool” by pressing T, and create the text block in the document area while holding the left mouse button and moving the mouse.

2. Set the cursor inside the text block and type the text you want to justify or right click and choose “Paste” option from the drop-down menu to insert previously copied text.

3. Select the text and go to the top settings, click the “Paragraph” option from in order to open the “Paragraph” panel.

4. Select the “Justify last left”, the “Justify last centered”, the “Justify last right” or “Justify All” buttons to justify the text as you need.

How to Justify text in Illustrator?
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