How to Insert a Right Indent Tab in InDesign (Includes Adding Dots)

Learn how to insert the special type of tab that forces the text after it to align to the right. This is great for manually creating a Table of Contents. Details below…

Right Indent Tab from menu…
Type – Insert Special Character – Other – Right Indent Tab

Right Indent Tab keyboard shortcut…
Shift + Tab

To add dots between the content to the left and right of a Right Indent Tab, do the following…

Select the text.

From the menu choose…
Window – Styles – Paragraph Styles

From the Paragraph Styles menu choose “New Paragraph Style”.

Give the paragraph style a name.

Activate “Apply Style to Selection”.

Activate “Preview”.

What is done in the Tabs section will be picked up by the Right Indent Tabs in the document.

Click in the area above the numbers of the ruler to insert a tab. The position and type of the tab are irrelevant.

In the Leader field, type in a full stop (period) and click in another field to commit that change.

If the dots are too close together, add at least one space after the full stop in the Leader field.

Duration: 00:02:05