How to increase the Paste Board Area in Indesign #indesign #booklayoutinhindi #shorts

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1. What are Indesign Tools, Panels, Rulers, Design and Paste Board Area
2. Create New Page, Set Margin and Bleed Size, Increase Paste Board Area
3. Create/Edit Master Pages, Add Page Numbers, Add delete move pages
4. Creating Facing Pages using Allow document pages/spreads to Shuffle
5. Save Document Preset, Primary Text Frame, Placeholder Text and Text Flow
6. How to use Text Formatting, Leading, Baseline Text Shift, Left and Right Indents
7. How to Create / Edit Paragraph Styles
8. How to Create / Modify / Apply Character Styles
9. How to use Tabs, Tabs with Decimals and Paragraph Rules
10. How to use Paragraph Borders and Paragraph Shading
11. How to use Keep Options Hyphenation and Justification in Paragraph Text
12. Drop Caps and Nested Styles, Span Columns and Split Columns
13. Bullets and Numbering, Underline Options Strikethrough options in a Paragraph
14. Secret Tips – Hidden / Non Printing Characters : How to use
15. Paragraph Styles Basic Tips and Fundamentals that no one tells
16. Working with Tables, Rows and Columns Part 1
17. Working with Tables, Rows and Columns – Part 2
18. Working with Table Styles in Indesign – Create edit Table Styles

…and many more.

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