How to IMPORT VIDEO to Premiere Pro CC | Tutorial

How to IMPORT VIDEO to Premiere Pro CC | Tutorial
In this Adobe Premiere Pro Editing Tutorial for beginners, I show 2 different ways how to import media into premiere pro for editing (using file explorer, and media browser). This includes importing video clips, audio clips, music, photos, graphics, individual clips or complete folder structures. (This is a re-edited, shorter version of a previous upload)

Episode 1: Creating a New Project
Episode 2: Importing Media
Episode 3: How to Create a New Sequence
Episode 4: Mismatch Clips
Episode 5: Custom Workspace (Coming Soon!)
Episode 6: Video Editing Essentials
Episode 7: Adding Titles (Coming Soon!)
Episode 8: Effects and Transitions (Coming Soon!)
Episode 9: Exporting Your Video

0:00 Start
0:03 Import Media using file explorer (3 ways)
1:32 Import Using Media Browser

Duration: 00:03:11