How to import PowerPoint into InDesign with 1-click | DeckMoveIn 2023

Through the years, a lot of users have asked us whether there was a way to directly import a PowerPoint (.pptx) file into InDesign.

DecksMoveIn is a new plug-in for Adobe InDesign to import and convert PowerPoint files to InDesign (.indd) with 1-simple click.

A. Click the Recosoft menu and select the DecksMoveIn – Convert PowerPoint file command then choose a PowerPoint file to import.
B. Click Ok in the Font tips window then click OK again when the DecksMoveIn – Options window appears and that’s it!

You now have a fully editable InDesign file from the PowerPoint. Note that you can now convert FIGMA to InDesign, Canva to InDesign, Google Slides to InDesign and also Keynote to InDesign by using the PowerPoint export/save option in those tools and then using DecksMoveIn to import everything into InDesign.


DecksMoveIn is part of the PDF2ID Professional Suite:

Duration: 00:02:33