How To Get The JOKER Look | Photoshop Tutorial – Copycat #8

In today’s Copycat Wednesday, I’m going to show you how to recreate the Joker Look in Photoshop!

The Joker was one of my favorite movies last year, and I really loved the cinematography and the Color Grade that was applied. In this video, you will learn to use Camera Raw to recreate this style.

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? INDEX – The Joker Color Grade in Photoshop
02:45 – Adjust The Brightness of the photo.
03:45 – Adjust the Details of the photo.
04:17 – Control the darkest and brightest pixels using Curves.
05:55 – Use the Split Toning controls to apply a color to the shadows.
07:18 – Use the HSL sliders to fine-tune the color in the image.
09:50 – Blur the image using the Radial Filter.
11:41 – Add grain and a vignette.       


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