How to get GREAT SOUNDING AUDIO for your YOUTUBE videos! – Premiere Pro tutorial 2021

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Find out how to get great sounding audio for your YouTube videos in Premiere Pro!

In this video I walk you through how to treat your vocal audio and mix it with your music to get the perfect balance for your YouTube videos

These techniques are not exclusively for YouTube videos and can be applied to any videos you are editing that involve vocal audio and mixing vocals with music 👍

All the techniques and plug ins used are all situated in Premiere Pro so no third party plug ins are needed! I teach you some basic compression, eq and audio docking to make your videos sound Pro! Audio is perhaps more important than the video quality, naff sounding audio can really kill a YouTube video so use this tutorial to get great sounding audio! 👍

00:00 Intro
01:29 Premiere Pro
02:30 Compression
05:25 Audio Levels
06:55 Assigning Audio
07:20 EQ
08:03 Audio Ducking
09:57 Conclusion

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Duration: 00:11:01