How to get drone shots with your phone | Luma NeRF tutorial

No drone no problem! @luma_ai
I’ll feature 10 creators who try this tutorial, instructions below

I’ve been playing around with NeRFs and @luma_ai recently came out with this “AR” feature (augmented reality)
Instead of manually editing and setting keyframes…
You can just *walk* through your scene, just like in real life. Such a game changer. Editing is getting more and more intuitive and it’s exciting to see

– *heads up* the app is getting a surge of people right now, so wait times to process your NeRF are longer than usual
– Shoot wide instead of vertical
– If you have a wide lens on your phone, use that (not required, default lens also works)
– I prefer uploading footage instead of capturing in-app
– For advanced tips, look up on YouTube “Create FPV-Like Videos with Your Phone” by @justmdmz
– Note: in my finished video, I added a speed ramp and some motion blur in After Effects, but this step is optional

–  If you’re on an android you can still use their web app ( and upload footage.
–  You’ll need to edit with keyframes instead of using the augmented reality method
– (The mobile app is iPhone only right now)

I’ll feature 10 creators on May 22, you have until then to submit 🙂
tag #karenxnerf
You can follow the tutorial, or do your own creative twist. If you already have a NeRF video you can submit too. Just add #karenxnerf somewhere in the caption of your Instagram reel so I can find you. You can add it anywhere in the caption btw e.g. the bottom

Shot & edited @karenxcheng
App @luma_ai

Bball player @thattiffwolf
BTS @noellexms
Basketball location inspired by @justmdmz
– Sunny Days by Stanley Gurvich
– Papi Beat by Kicktracks
– Take it to the Top by Ofrin

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