How to Fix Motion Blur in Photoshop | How to Fix Out-of-Focus Photos in Photoshop

In this tutorial, you will learn How to Fix Motion Blur or Missed Focus in Photoshop.

This tutorial will address the scenarios where the focus is just tad bit off. For any photo where you’ve missed the focus by a big margin, there isn’t much that can be done.

Let’s start by duplicating the layer and focus on what needs to be in focus. Let’s create a smart object by going to Filter – Convert for Smart Filters. This will allow us to further edit some filter settings without baking them into the image. Let’s now add Smart Sharpen by going to Filter – Sharpen – Smart Sharpen.

Now let’s start by increasing the Amount to 500 and drop everything else to 0. This will be our starting point. Let’s then gradually increase the Radius to a point where the subject is in focus. Try to take it slow and be subtle. We don’t want to oversharpen the image. While you’re doing this, you’ll notice that the noise is also getting quite visible. We’ll address it with Reduce Noise setting. Gradually increase it to a point where it looks ok.

As you can see now, everything else will be sharpened along with the subject. The smart filter we applied comes with a mask. We’ll use this to select only the subject that needs sharpening. Let’s select the mask and press CMD+I. This inverts the mask making it black. Remember, the black area has 0 visibility and white has 100 percent visibility.

Let’s lower the flow to around 15. And start painting parts of the subject (in our case facial features) that need to be in focus. Make sure your brush is set to color white and start drawing over the eyes and nose and other facial features, leaving the cheeks and parts of the face that have smooth skin.

Upon having the parts of the face selected, you can go back to the smart sharpen filter, and tweak with the values to see if it can be tuned up to look even better.

This may not be the best way to recover focus on an object that is otherwise blurred, however with all it’s drawbacks it’ll still make an otherwise unusable image into something that can be posted online.

❓💬 How often do you miss focus? Please let us know in the comments.

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