How to Edit YouTube Video in Premiere Pro Tutorial

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In the following adobe Premiere Pro Tuorial we will show how to edit a video for YouTube.

00:20 Premiere Pro Workflow:
Create a default workflow for each subject, this will provide you with a goof foundation to work from. You may have a lot of different data images, sounds etc for certain topics. Let’s use #helpvid as an example, I have separate workflows for Premiere Pro tutorials, Microsoft word tutorials or Microsoft word tutorials. For one all my lower thirds are colour coordinated as you see in this Premiere Pro tutorial, they are the Premiere Pro purple colour.

02:50 How to edit YouTube video in Premiere Pro
A technique I use at #helpvid I always expand the audio view, this way I can easily edit out and silent parts on the video and audio.

03:30 Premiere pro unlink video from audio:
There may be instances where you wish to delete only the audio and keep the video footage, or vice versa. To do this we must first unlink the audio from the Premiere Pro footage in the timeline. We will set to frame size and resize your video in premier pro.

04:56 How to add lower thirds in Premiere Pro
Lower third provides good visuals for your video, they could be used to present each chapter of the video or as call to action. We also include our subscribe button in this section displaying as an automated lower third in Adobe Premiere Pro.

08:40 Add Video Transitions in Premiere Pro:
Adding transitions is a good wat=y to blend your video together, common placement of a video transition would be to join the intro of your Premiere Pro video to the start and the end with the end screen. Transitions can also be used mid video perhaps in-between chapters; Premiere Pro provide many default videos transitions of you can upload others. In Premiere Pro the Video Transitions are in the Effects panel.

09:50 Premiere Pro Render settings for YouTube:
The path to render in Premiere Pro id File, Export, Media (CTRL + M) is the shortcut. Its important to give your video a rich title and metadata which includes keywords and development and copyright information. I always render Premiere Pro for YouTube as the Format H.264 and with the dimensions of 1920 x 1080p.

Check Sequence time
Premiere Pro Settings for YouTube render:
Format H264
Present: Custom
Dimensions 1920 x 1080
Aspect Ration: Square Pixles
NTSC Widescreen
Premiere Pro Audio settings for youtube:
Audio Format: ACC
Sample Rate: 48000 Hz
Channels: 5.1



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