How to edit wedding video | video editing tutorial Assamese

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How to edit wedding video | video editing tutorial in Assamese

Adobe Premiere Pro cc 2020 Tutorial In Hindi | Full Tutorial for Beginners.
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Guys premiere pro course r aito complete video nohoi, Specially axomiya. Apunak jodi basic to advanced video editing hikibo bisary tenty ai video youtube t sai lobo, keni apunar baby bhal hobo ai video Premiere pro r full tutorial dia nai, specially beginners karone he alop casting dilo.

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00:00:00 Intro

00:01:51 Introduction

00:07:03 Import Media File

00:12:53 Basic Editing

00:46:30 Transition

00:50:16 Effects.

00:54:00 Masking

01:01:32 Chroma Key.

01:05:49 Color Correction

01:10:30 Slow Fast Reverse

01:14:32 Audio Editing

01:24:12 Audio Sync

01:29:24 Audio Effect

01:31:42 Background Music

01:38:07 Key Frame Animation

01:52:23 Lower Third

02:08:11 Export

Ai Video moi Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 r use korisu, kintu apuni adobe premiere pro r lower version u use karibo pary.
Ai video moi hokolu basic to advance topic ko cover kora hoise jene – software toor, trim, split, audio editing, audio sync, background music, effects, masking, color correction, key frame animation, lower third, export etc.

Adobe Premiere Pro r bikhoys moi apunak jonalu hokolu, apuni nisoi jaane Adobe Premiere Pro best video editing software hoi. News industry, Film Industry, Ads Industry in hokoluty Premiere pro video editing software a use kora hoi.

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