How To Edit Videos in Canva For Beginners (Canva Video Tutorial)

I don’t know if you know that Canva has a video editor.

But did you know that they have now added new AI features that will help you create professional-looking videos.

Stay tuned and I’ll show you step-by-step how to use Canva’s Video editor and how to use their new AI features.

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TIMESTAMPS – How To Edit Videos in Canva For Beginners

0:00 Canva AI Video Intro 😀
0:20 Creating a Project 📝
0:44 Editing Interface 🖥
2:42 Importing Footage 🎥
3:05 Cropping Footage 🗡
3:45 Trimming Footage ✂
4:02 Change Video Speed 📼
4:16 Remove Video Backgrounds 🖼
4:51 Adding Cuts ✂
5:01 Adding Transitions 🎞
5:39 Adding Text 🖹
6:07 Animating Elements 🏃
7:01 Magic Morph 🛫
8:01 Adding Graphics 👋
10:01 Adding Audio 🔊
11:14 Editing Layers 🧱
13:08 Show Layer Timing ⏲
14:50 Creating Animations ✈
16:46 Magic Animate ✨
18:00 Bulk Create 🗂
22:45 Magic Switch ⭐
24:53 Magic Design ✨
26:55 Magic Media (Text To Video) 📹
28:28 Record Yourself 🤳
29:14 Share Video Templates 📼
29:54 Sell Canva Templates 🛍
30:47 How To Export Video 📼


By the end of this video you’ll learn cool Canva video tips and tricks to make great videos.

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Watch this video to learn:

How To Make AI Videos using Canva.

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