How to Edit Photos in Photoshop CC For Beginners in Hindi 2022 Part 2

Hello Everyone! welcome to our Channel Bilal Tech Services Dear Guys I will do share with you one imported Urdu & Hindi video tutorial of adobe Photoshop cc, This 2nd part video is especially made for the beginner user of Photoshop and which in Photoshop Hindi video tutorials I will do clear all dots related to basic manipulation photo editing.

Why I Made Beginner Video Tutorial of Photoshop?
Dear visitor, I have a lot of people who don’t know basic manipulation editing in Photoshop enough people have requested me to make this video, then finally I made this video for beginners Photoshop users.

What Photoshop Beginner Users Will Learn From This Video?
This is the most important question “What Photoshop Beginner Users Will Learn From This Video” So let me tell you that in this video tutorial I have added some of the imported stuff that you must know. And I hope you will learn Photoshop Import stuff when you watch complete video tutorial. So in this video tutorial, I’ll teach you five important basic things that you must be learned for picture edit and they are things you can read from to below.
Five Important Things of Photoshop

1. How To Cut Out Image With Pen Tool in Photoshop CC
2. How To Change Photo Background in Photoshop CC
3. How To Remove Unwanted Color From Hair With Black Color
4. How To Use Replace Color Functions in Photoshop CC
5. How To Photo Color Correction in Photoshop CC

The following are five important things that I have taught you in this video tutorial so now if you’re interested to know and learning so you need to watch complete video tutorials. Thank You

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Duration: 00:05:00