How to Edit a Video Podcast Interview // Complete Tutorial // Start to Finish

Learn how to edit your podcast video interview efficiently and stylistically so that they will perform well on YouTube.

In this complete tutorial, I take you from start to finish using Adobe Premiere Pro and Canva Pro. BUT, all of the techniques that I teach in this video can be used in any video editing software.

The BIG GAME CHANGER and the reason that I LOVE Adobe Premiere is for the multi-cam feature. This can be a HUGE time saver when you’re editing an interview podcast.

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00:00 Intro
01:17 What to Expect
01:50 Create Interview Overlay in Canva
03:17 Create Two Camera Shot in Premiere
06:04 Perform Basic Edits in Premiere
06:44 Set up and Edit with MULTI-CAM
08:36 Create Social Graphics in Canva
09:25 Create Custom End Screen in Canva
11:40 Create a Custom Thumbnail in Canva

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Duration: 00:13:22