How To Design Flyers & Leaflets In Photoshop – Adobe Tutorial

Flyers and Leaflets may seem simple. However, the complexity of designing a strong and marketable handout is often under-estimated. Handing your message to your most valued audiences has never been more achievable – or cost-effective.

Our talented designer Matt will let you in on his professional pointers for designing for print in Photoshop. Follow his top tips and you’ll learn all you need to know to design your very own printed masterpiece.

Part 3 of our tutorial series explores many of the design fundamentals specific to Adobe Photoshop that come into play when you’re planning your professionally printed Leaflet or Flyer.


0:01 Intro
0:25 Setting up your design template
0:50 Adding your guides
1:49 Putting in all the elements
2:36 Working with images in different file types
3:58 Roughly positioning the elements
4:52 Creating a roundel
6:04 Editing using layer masks
8:34 Positioning and editing vector graphics
9:58 Introducing text
11:11 Selecting fonts
12:13 Coloured text
13:08 fine-tuning tips: text alignment
15:04 Adding a block of colour
16:48 Adding a circle as a container
18:09 Reviewing colours
18:39 Tweaking the offer: size, position, drop shadow
20:27 Adding a dashed line as a border
21:35 Final touches

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For fans of Adobe’s vector graphics app, part two of this series entitled How to design Flyers & Leaflets in Illustrator will help you take the next steps.

Equally, if you’re looking for a broader tutorial on how to design Flyers or Leaflets on Adobe, part one of our series. How to design Flyers and Leaflets from concept to print is the perfect place to start.

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