How To Design Flyers & Leaflets In Illustrator – Adobe Tutorial

Flyers and Leaflets are an efficient and inexpensive way of marketing. A simple way of adding some text and images to some paper and transporting your message straight to your most treasured customers.

Flyers and Leaflets are not as straightforward as they look, despite their popularity.

By listening and learning from the tips in this video, you’ll be able to create a clear, engaging, and professionally designed piece of marketing material on Adobe Illustrator, that will help you achieve your goals.

Part 2 of our short tutorial series dives into many of the design fundamentals specific to Adobe Illustrator when creating your professionally printed Leaflet or Flyer.

Designer Matt Bruty takes you through:

0:00 Intro
0:27 Setting up a design template
1:06 Adding all the elements
2:15 Importing a logo as an eps file
2:45 Inserting text
3:11 Selecting colours
4:31 Setting up a guide to create a border
5:46 Placing the elements
6:32 Adjusting transparency and gradients
10:38 Putting an image in a roundel
12:13 Placing the text
13:45 Size and hierarchy of elements
14:02 Using containers
16:00 Fine-tuning the layout
16:30 Fine-tuning the text
18:43 Details regarding alignment and positioning
20:12 Add drop shadow
21:28 Add dashed line
22:08 Firming up alignment and positioning
22:30 Finishing touches

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Photoshop fans might wish to skip straight to part three, where we get stuck into How to design Flyers & Leaflets in Photoshop.

Equally, if you’re looking for a broader tutorial on how to design Flyers or Leaflets on Adobe, part one of our series. How to design Flyers and Leaflets from concept to print is the perfect place to start.

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