How to Design and Showcase Your Mockups in Photoshop with Howard Pinsky

Tune in with Sr. Creative Cloud Evangelist Howard Pinsky as he shows you how to create realistic mockups in Photoshop. Discover the power of Generative AI in Photoshop with tools like Generative Expand and Generative Fill to showcase your designs across diverse social platforms.

Howard Pinsky is a Senior Creative Cloud Evangelist at Adobe:

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00:00 Start
4:00 Today’s project
5:30 Mockups in Illustrator
12:50 Blending modes for mockups
16:00 Displacement map
20:55 Packaging mockup
29:10 What is a Smart Object?
32:27 Creating a billboard mockup
41:10 Laptop mockup
45:55 Creating a chrome effect

Duration: 00:57:30