How To Design And Create A 3D Ball – Adobe Illustrator 2023

In this Adobe Illustrator tutorial, the speaker shows the viewer how to create a 3D design using the software. The first step is to create a pattern using thin rectangles in different colors. The speaker duplicates the rectangles and arranges them to form a pattern. They then turn this pattern into a symbol by going to the symbol workspace and creating a new symbol.

Next, the speaker creates a 3D design by using the Ellipse tool to create a symmetrical sphere and then deleting half of it using the direct selection tool. They then apply a revolve effect to the half circle by going to the “Effect” menu and selecting “3D” and “Materials” followed by “Revolve”. Finally, they apply the symbol as a material to the 3D design and adjust the size of the design.

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Duration: 00:02:53