How To Design A Landscape Gardener Business Card In Adobe Photoshop | Solopress Video Tutorial

Green fingers to the ready! This video tutorial shows how to design a business card specifically for gardeners, or a landscape gardening company, with our easy-to-use template in Adobe Photoshop.

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Start by opening the free artwork template files here:

Free design templates for creating other printed items such as flyers, leaflets, posters and banners are also available on the Solopress website (

The Bleed, Trim and Safe areas are all marked out on the template. All you have to do is make guides by dragging them from the rulers on the sides of your document over the Safe and Bleed lines. Then you should add lines on the central axis. In Photoshop CC lines will automatically snap to the centre of the document if pulled over it.

Create a Fill Layer by clicking (Layer – New Fill Layer – Solid Colour) then change the colour using the Color Picker. Add your images by dragging them directly into the document from your Finder (Mac) or Explorer (Windows) windows.

When you drag in an image you have the choice to resize before you place it. You can change size, rotation and other qualities using Free Transform by clicking (Edit – Transform – Free Transform).

In the video a rectangle is drawn at the bottom to act as a solid for the grass to sit on, to do this use the Rectangle Tool found in the Tool Bar. To make colour editing easier I connected the grass and rectangle layers together by highlighting in the Layers Tab, right clicking and selecting Convert To Smart Object. Now it is an all in one layer, note you cannot individually edit each layer once this process is done.

To change the overall colour of an image, right click on its layer and select Blending Options. Blending Options opens a basic pallet of image editing options, to change the colour click Color Overlay.

You can type text on your document using the Text Tool from the Tool Bar. To change the properties of your text including font, size and spacing in the Character Panel.

When the front of your business card is done, you should save it as both a PSD (Photoshop Document) and a PDF (Portable Data File). You need to PSD to make any changes but the PDF is what you’ll have it printed from.

Open the PSD file again as it’s time to create the back. It’s easier to create the back from the existing document as you can quickly match the colours that you used on the front.

On the back of our example we used a repeat pattern of different gardening tools. To Duplicate images right click on it’s layer and select Duplicate. It gives you a choice of where you’d like it pasted. We rotated the image using Free Transform to create the pattern. You can Duplicate numerous images at a time as long as they are all selected.

When you have finished both documents REMEMBER TO DELETE THE TEMPLATE LAYER as this could effect your final product.

Finally save the business card back as a PSD and PDF.

Now there’s a professional business card that will scream cool about your gardening business!

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