How to Design a Digital Birthday Card in Illustrator with Hank Washington

Make cool and unique digital birthday cards with illustrator and designer Hank Washington. Learn how to design and personalize a digital birthday using Adobe Illustrator. Want to know what it looks like when printed? Follow along as Hank creates mockups in Photoshop to see what the birthday card would like in real life!

Guest Hank Washington is an Art Director, Illustrator, and Designer based in Georgia:

Host Kieron Lewis is a freelance graphic design based in London, UK:

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00:00 Start
02:12 Intro for Hank and his work
04:54 Designing a birthday card in Illustrator – starting w/ copy
09:55 Color palettes from illustrations
17:11 Exploring type combinations
25:23 Hank’s background and aesthetic
35:09 Stacking type
42:48 Creating glossy look to the lettering
49:16 Emphasizing the type – inspiration for style
55:26 Variations of the 31 type
1:01:34 Creating radial repeat patterns
1:08:08 Creating a mockup in Photoshop
1:12:18 Gen ai prompting for ice cream themes
1:16:40 Creating a second card mockup
1:20:26 Gen ai prompting – comparing mockups
1:24:11 Recap and wrap up

Duration: 01:27:16