How To Design A Coffee Cafe Menu Without Photoshop

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Watch as Drew shows you how to setup a two-column menu layout using Kittl! And check out these important details!👇

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🕰️ Timestamps For This Video:
0:00 How To Design A Cafe Menu
0:50 Setting Up Your Menu Board
1:30 How To Use Grids In Kittl
1:50 How To Make A Menu Header
3:30 How To Make A Menu Border
5:20 How To Organize Items On Your Menu
7:00 How To Create A Sides Menu Design
8:40 How To Format Drink Items On Your Menu
10:20 How To Add A Frame For Special Items
11:50 Where To Add Your Shop Details
12:30 Where To Place A Seal On Your Menu
13:30 How To Add Texture
13:50 How To Export Your Menu File

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More about this video:
A couple of weeks ago, Drew showed you how to design a Vintage Coffee Logo in Kittl called The Blind Crow Coffee Co., and now he’s back with a Menu design using the same branding! Watch as he shows you how to make a beautiful two-column menu layout with foods, drinks, specials, and other typical menu items. He’ll go through setting up your art-board, using grids, and how you need to export your menu. So give it a watch and then create your own! Don’t forget to tag us on social!

Thank you so much for using our platform, and for watching this video. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow along with the tutorial on the channel.

If there is anything I missed, or if you have more questions, drop a comment below and we will respond asap! Let me know more tutorial ideas as well!

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Duration: 00:15:50