How To Cut and Trim Videos | Adobe Premiere Pro

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Learn all about the different tools, techniques and tips you need to know to trim videos in Adobe Premiere Pro.

In this tutorial, filmmaker @TKNORTH guides you through the steps to cut and trim videos, the most important technique in video editing. In Adobe Premiere Pro, you can choose to trim your video using the Timeline or the Trim Mode on the Program Monitor. Follow along for step-by-step instructions and to learn the differences between a Ripple Edit and a Rolling Edit.

Here are the tips covered in this video:

0:00 Intro
0:18 How to cut and trim videos with Adobe Premiere Pro
0:43 Cut video with the right timing and engage your audience
1:43 How to trim video clips
2:02 How to trim a video using the timeline
2:33 Lock tracks you don’t want changed in the sequence
2:56 Toggle Sync Lock for a track
3:28 Unlink clips to adjust video and audio individually
5:02 Use the Ripple Edit tool
5:20 Use the Rolling Edit tool
6:02 How to trim a video using the Program Monitor

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