How To Crop Images and Layers In Photoshop – Adobe Tutorial

Cropping images and layers sounds simple on the surface. However, there are plenty of tips, tricks and shortcuts in Photoshop that let you tailor the way the Crop function can work for you.

Designer Oscar Jackson shows you several quick fixes that can make your cropping have that professional finish.

In this video Oscar will take you through:

0:15 How to use the crop tool
0:20 Re-scaling your crop
0:48 Free scaling your crop
0:55 Hiding the outside of your crop
1:22 Flipping your crop vertically
1:33 Overlay options
2:23 Reversing crop mistakes
3:10 Dragging the image around the crop
3:32 Straightening your image
3:55 Changing the size of your document
4:22 Saving the document layer to ad other images

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Duration: 00:05:14