How To Create The Chainsmokers' Closer Text Effect (Tutorial) (Adobe Premiere)

Hey! I was doing just fine befo-.. I mean.. This is a tutorial of how to create the text effect you see in ‘Closer’ the new song by The Chainsmokers. It was also used in the Don’t Let Me Down lyric video featuring Daya! I think they’re making it a staple of their aesthetic with the effect appearing in their Paris lyric video too! (read more)

Once you’ve written down your lyrics on a piece of paper (I advise using a big marker pen) make sure you have lots of space around the writing. The next step is to video the paper with the writing on.

I’d recommend playing the song you have written the lyrics to out loud to help with the timings of each part to make the editing easier later on.

Once you have the basics you can begin to add other effects. For example using gaussian blur to fade in and fade out of each segment will make the effect look even cooler. Experiment and see what works for you!

I overlayed the text you see in this demonstration over some stock footage like the actual video does. This isn’t essential and a block colour can easily be used!

↣ The Chainsmokers – Closer:
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Duration: 00:05:52