How to create Text Effects in Photoshop #photoshoptutorial #photoshop

How to create KNITTED Text Effect In Photoshop
Step 1 – Apply the Text Effect in Photoshop
We need to open the text effect into Photoshop so we can use it. There are a couple of ways of doing this. We can open the file directly on Photoshop. You can also load it through the Graphic Styles or the Layer Styles panels.

Open the Text Effect File In Photoshop
Just click Open in Photoshop and navigate to where your file is saved and select it. We used the PSD file provided with the metallic text effects folder. We then adjusted as needed.

Depending on the type of text effects file you selected, you may have one or more style choices to pick from. In our case, there were several folders available in the Layers panel. Each folder contained a different variation of the text effect.

There may be added details to complement the effect such as lights, etc. included. You can hide or delete the unwanted elements. Before you do, be sure that you are saving the modified version as a new file. This will preserve the original file.
Modify the Text
The text in the file can be modified by using the Horizontal Type tool (T). Select the text you want to change, type your text and change the font. We chose to modify the Robot text effect.

If the font used to create the original file is not installed on your computer, you may get a pop up window warning you about font substitution. Click Ok.

Import Text Effect Through Graphic Styles Panel
You can also add your text effects by going to the Styles panel (Window – Styles) then clicking on the small menu on the top right corner. Navigate to Import Styles and to where your file is saved to import it.

You can also place the .asl file inside the Styles folder in Photoshop. This will allow you to open it directly. You can find the folder by going to Applications – Adobe Photoshop – Presets – Styles.

You can now type your text. While still selected, click on the desired style from the Styles panel to apply it.

Import Text Effect Through Layer Styles Panel
The effect can also be imported through the Layer Styles panel. Just double-click on the text layer thumbnail to open the panel. In the Styles tab, click on the small gear at the top right side to open the menu and choose Import Styles. You can also use this tab to apply the styles to your text.

Step 2 – Modify the Text Effect
You can leave your text as is or modify the pre-existing effects to your needs. Double-click on the layer thumbnail to access the Layer Styles panel and adjust the values used on the different tabs.

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