How to Create Split Color Text in Photoshop

Learn how to fill your text with two different colors in Photoshop, and how to apply the same split color effect to a stroke around the text or to the background!
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In this video, I show you how to create split color text in Photoshop where the top and bottom half of each letter is filled with a different color, or a different shade of the same color. We start by adding the effect to the text itself, and then I show you two ways to enhance it, first by adding a split color stroke around the text, and then by adding the same two colors to the background.

To create the effect, we’ll use a custom gradient. Normally gradients are used for smooth transitions between colors. But I’ll show you how to create one that splits two solid colors down the middle!

You can follow along with any recent version of Photoshop, but for best results, you’ll want to be using Photoshop 2020 or later. I’m using 2021.

0:00 Intro
0:52 Creating a new document
1:46 Adding the text
2:24 Resizing the text
2:54 Adjusting the letter spacing
3:48 Creating the split color text
6:34 Saving the split color gradient
7:14 How to reverse the colors
7:23 Adding a split color stroke
8:58 Adding the split colors to the background

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Duration: 00:10:51