How to create smooth Speed Remapping transition Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2022 Tutorial

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In today’s tutorial we are going to get how to create speed remapping transition inside of Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2022. Speed remapping as seamless transition which bounces simple professional look. In Speed remapping we basically change the time properties. It will help us to achieve unique professional transition between two (2) clips.

But we have to bear in mind some guidelines for doing that. For creating flawless speed remapping transition our both the clips have to be,
1. Same in direction if not we adjust dimension if possible.
2. Mostly have to be matched color combination of both the clips.

If, both of the above requirements match’s perfectly, Congrats! Half of the work is done.

Inimitable thing about speed remapping is that no third-party plug-in is required. it’s absolutely simple to create just using mouse buttons and pen tool.

First, we search for the best clips, then we extract the craving parts from them and finally use our trick. How? Let’s see the tutorial together.

Video by cottonbro from Pexels

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