How to Create Graffiti Text Effect – Photoshop Tutorial

How to add Graffiti Text Effect using Adobe Photoshop CS6 Tutorial for Beginners

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Open File
Duplicate Layer CTRL + J
Desaturate the image CTRL + Shift + U
Save the file as a PSD file and name it Displacement.

Add text
You can use any font you want but I recommend a graffiti font

Go to Blending Options ( right click on the layer ):

Gradient Overlay – add a gradient with any colors you want. ( I used Dark and Light Red )
Stroke – for my example I used Size 10 and Black color.
Inner Shadow – Blend mode Normal
– Opacity 100%
– Angle 90
– Distance 15%

Outer Glow – Blend mode Normal
– Opacity 100%
– Technique – Precise
– Spread 100%
– Size 15px

Go to Filter – Convert for Smart Filters
Go to Filter – Distort – Displace – Horizontal and Vertical Scale 5, Stretch to Fit, Repeat Edge Pixels, click OK and choose the PSD file you saved early.

Go to Blending Options ( right click on the layer )
Underlying Layer and change the value as you want in order to look good on your image. ( I used 84 and 206 )

You can also change the blend mode but will affect the colors.

Source File:
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Duration: 00:03:43