How to Create GIF Banner Animation in Photoshop | Photoshop Tutorial Hindi

Hi Guys, welcome to our youtube channel “learnik”, today I’ll show you how to create GIF banner animation in photoshop in an easy way.
In this photoshop tutorial, we will create a shoe GIF banner animation in photoshop. And, I’ll explain to you all fundamental in-depth how to create GIF banners in photoshop.
GIF banner animation is treading banners to all social media platforms. After watching this GIF banner animation tutorial, I am sure you make easily any GIF banner for any design.
In this Photoshop tutorial video, we will cover some topic
1. Frame by frame GIF animation
2. How to export GIF animation in photoshop
3. GIF Animation in photoshop
4. How to set GIF banner timing
5. How to create social media GIF banners and much more.
So please see this video through to the conclusion.
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Duration: 00:12:45