How To Create Fire or Electric Text in After Effects Tutorial with Video Co-Pilot Saber Plug-In!


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Video Co-Pilot Saber Plug-In

M for mask properties.
Home to go to the first frame of the composition
U to bring up all keyframes
F9 to easy ease
~ to maximize selected panel

Steps: Create a new composition. Double click on the the type tool in at the top of the screen. This will create a new text layer in the center of your composition. Type the text you’d like and hit enter. Click on the layer go up to Layer and down to auto-trace, this will create a new solid with your letters masked out on the layer. Then go to effects and presets and drag and drop the saber effect on. Then go to Render Settings in scroll down to Composite Setting and change black to transparent. Then change the preset to which ever setting you desire. Play around with them there are so many. Go to customize core and change the Core Type from saber to Layer Masks. Play with the setting there are so many options really explore this plug-in!

Really play with this plug-in in amazing not just for creating fire and electric text but also later beams, light saber, the possibilities are endless.

Thanks for checking out my How To Create Fire or Electric Text in After Effects Tutorial video! I used this plug-in for the beginning of my Motion Graphics/Animation Demo Reel which you can see here… If you have any Adobe Premiere or Adobe After Effects tutorials you’d like to see please comment below or e-mail me!

Duration: 00:06:41