How to create Embossed Plastic Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop |Designing Trick|

In this Adobe Photoshop trick, you will learn how to create Embossed Plastic Text Effect. This effect you can use wherever u want.

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Steps PDF :

Here are some steps that i have used:

To Create Propre Effect like mine
Canvas size 18X12 inches
Resolution 300
Text size 206pt

1. Write text whatever you want.

2. Go to layers and Double click on Text layer. (layer style pannel will open)

3. Go to Colour Overlay and select the colour you want.

4. Go to Bevel and Emboss Change Depth – 40%, Size – 43%, soften – 4px, uncheck global light, Make Angel – 150°, Altitude – 46°.

5. Go to Inner glow Change and Blend mode to Mutiply, Opacity – 50%,
Noise – 0%, Make colour Black, Choke – 50%, Size – 30% and change
Contour to Ring-Triple.

6. Then go to Contour and select Ring Double and hit ok.

7. Dublicate the layer and change Opacity to 60%.

8. Select Both the layers and convert it to a Smart Object.

9. Again Double click on layer to open layer style.

10. Go to Inner Glow change Blend mode to Colour Dodge, Opacity – 25%,
Sources – Center, Choke – 15%, Size – 25px and change Contour to linear.

11. Apply Drop Shadows to it and hit Ok

12. And your Embossed Plastic Effect is ready !

Duration: 00:01:53